Welcome to Prof. Amemiya's Group (Applied Superconductivity Laboratory)

The benefits of superconductors are current transport with extremely small energy dissipation and generation of high magnetic fields. These benefits can lead to the innovation in various fields in electrical engineering.
From the viewpoint of science, the main research interests of our group are the understanding of electromagnetic phenomena in superconductors.
Based on the understanding, we aim to apply superconductivity to various devices and systems in medical, energy, science, and other areas.


Dissertation defence of Katsutoku Takeuchi was held.
Dr. Yusuke Sogabe, Yang Li, Xijie Luo, and Ning Wang made presentations at the 100th Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of Japan Conference.
Luo, Zhao, Dr. Sogabe, and Prof. Amemiya attended 33rd International Symposium on Superconductivity (ISS2020). Prof. Amemiya made an invited presentation, Dr. Sogabe made two oral presentations, Luo made an oral presentation, and Zhao made an oral presentation at the symposium.
Luo, Dr. Sogabe, and Prof. Amemiya attended Applied Superconductivity Conference 2020. Prof. Amemiya made an invited presentation, Dr. Sogabe made an oral presentation as well as a poster presentation, and Luo made a poster presentation at the conference.
Prof. Amemiya reported the progress of our project "Low-AC-loss and robust high-temperature-superconductor technology", which is supported by the JST-Mirai Program, in the "ALCA-Mirai Symposium -Superconductivity Area-" of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). The project aims at the contribution to "Realization of a low carbon society through game changing technologies".
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