Welcome to Prof. Amemiya's Group (Applied Superconductivity Laboratory)

The benefits of superconductors are current transport with extremely small energy dissipation and generation of high magnetic fields. These benefits can lead to the innovation in various fields in electrical engineering.
From the viewpoint of science, the main research interests of our group are the understanding of electromagnetic phenomena in superconductors.
Based on the understanding, we aim to apply superconductivity to various devices and systems in medical, energy, science, and other areas.


Our proposal "Low-ac-loss and robust high temperature superconductor technology" was selected for JST-ALCA-Next Program.
Sho Honda made an oral presentation in 5th Workshop on Superconductivity Application, CSSJ / Joint Workshop on Metal and Ceramic, Superconducting machine, IEEJ.
Dr. Naoyuki Amemiya, Dr. Yusuke Sogabe, Mao Shigemasa, Sobue Takuya, Yuya Ezaki, Takayuki Hirano, Hiiragi Uegaki and Yuya Koyama attended the 106th Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of Japan Conference in 2023. Dr. Amemiya made an oral presentation, Dr.Sogabe and Hiiragi Uegaki made two oral presantations, Mao Sigemasa, Takuya Sobue, Yuya Ezaki, Yuya Koyama made an oral presentation.
Dr. Naoyuki Amemiya, Mao Shigemasa and Hiiragi Uegaki attended the 36th International Symposium on Superconductivity (ISS2023). Dr. Amemiya made an invited oral prasentation and Mao Sigemasa and Hiiragi Uegaki made an poster presentation.
Hiiragi Uegaki attended the 22th Young Scientists Lecture on Cryogenic and Superconductivity and made an oral presentation.
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