Welcome to Prof. Amemiya's Group (Applied Superconductivity Laboratory)

The benefits of superconductors are current transport with extremely small energy dissipation and generation of high magnetic fields. These benefits can lead to the innovation in various fields in electrical engineering.
From the viewpoint of science, the main research interests of our group are the understanding of electromagnetic phenomena in superconductors.
Based on the understanding, we aim to apply superconductivity to various devices and systems in medical, energy, science, and other areas.


Mao Shigemasa made an oral presentation in 20th Young Scientists Lecture on Cryogenic and Superconductivity, and he won Shigi Prize (first prize).
Dr. Yusuke Sogabe won Awards for Outstanding Presentation Awards at 27th International Conference on MAGNET TECHNOLOGY.
Research results of SCSC cables was reported by The Denki Shimbun.
Research results of SCSC cables was reported by Japan Metal Daily.
Press release "AC loss of HTS cables was reduced by 1/20 - A path revealed for decarbonizing electrical machine by adapting superconductor-"
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